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Facing Midlife


Feeling lost within yourself?  
Struggling with new roles, changing relationships, or an empty nest?  
Perhaps you have experienced friends getting sick,
or the decline of aging parents that has shed new light on your own mortality...

The midlife journey

In midlife, there is often anxiety related to the passing of time. Like tectonic plates shifting below the surface, new questions about your life’s purpose may also emerge. All of these experiences are common for the woman in midlife to face. And yet this “crisis of inner life” is seldom acknowledged in social circles.   

Women in midlife face many unique challenges and opportunities during this life phase. Therapy at midlife can help you identify the important developmental tasks associated with this time of life. One such task is learning to finally accept ourselves as we are. This can include accepting physical changes such as the emergence of grey hairs, and changes in energy levels. However, we must also learn to accept the parts of ourselves we have kept hidden or deem shameful, also known as our “shadow” selves. The opportunities for growth during midlife abound!

In midlife we also become acutely aware of the preciousness of our time and energy. We must acknowledge and let go of the unfulfilled dreams of our younger selves. There is tremendous inner work that takes place during this time of life that is often best supported by working with a therapist. Therapy can help you navigate changing roles, and assist with answering deep questions, such as “Who am I?” By being aware of the unique developmental tasks in midlife you can learn to face them and ultimately thrive. Therapy can add that layer of support during midlife that facilitates growth and renewal.

“Aging is not ‘lost youth’ but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”
-Betty Friedan

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